December 17, 2018

Mesa College Associated Students' First Holiday Celebration

By Cristy Ocana, Office of Communications

AS First Holiday Celebration

On December 13, 2018, Mesa College Associated Students (AS) hosted their first Holiday Celebration in collaboration with CalWORKs and EOPS/CARE. The celebration served as a stress reliever for the CalWORKs students, who are also single parents, and provided them with a space to celebrate the holidays with their children. There were arts and crafts tables for the families to enjoy, gingerbread cookies to construct gingerbread houses, games, and a learning station that contained information on three major holiday celebrations; Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas.  

Karen Geida, the CARE Coordinator, had a space for her annual Book Drive.  Mesa’s faculty and staff donate children’s books to her office to give away during the annual CARE book party. Books are donated as gifts to children from ages 0 -16. This year, they donated the books for the children that attended the event.

Ashanti Hands, the Vice President of Student Services, spoke of the tedious work that went into organizing this event, and how it was “designed and created for students and their children. We are celebrating who you are and what you bring to the table.” She also acknowledged the people that organized the celebration, including faculty, staff, AS members, and Administration. She expressed her love and gratitude to everyone in the room, and concluded her speech by saying, “this will be a tradition!” AS hopes to expand the celebration to all students within the next couple years and that it “becomes like the Thanksgiving Feast.”


To learn more about AS, and EOPS/CARE, please visit the AS Website and the EOPS Website.

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