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  • Mesa College Geoscience Faculty as Agents of Change with the SAGE 2YC Project

    January 13, 2021  |  Lauren Dorst

    Often, it’s not what students are learning, but how they are learning that determines their success in education. This metacognitive approach to teaching forms the basis of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers’ project, “Supporting and Advancing Geoscience Education at Two-Year Colleges,” or SAGE 2YC, which empowers faculty members to improve STEM education through the adoption of student-centered pedagogy. Following a one-year collaboration with SAGE 2YC, three Mesa College geoscience professors, Don Barrie (Geology), Bulent Bas (Geology), and Waverly Ray (Geography), bring refreshed intention to their teaching, leadership, and professional development approaches to better serve Mesa College’s students and ultimately, prepare them for success in the STEM workforce.

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  • Mesa Goes to the Land of Fire and Ice

    December 05, 2019  |  Office of Communications

    This summer, when the predictable June cloudiness sets in over San Diego, a group of adventure-seeking travelers from Mesa College will be heading north to Iceland – the land of fire and ice. The trip will be co-led by myself, Geology Professor, Don Barrie, and El Camino College Geography Professor, Matt Ebiner.

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