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  • In Response to Recent Enrollment Boost, Mesa College has More Fall Classes Available

    September 09, 2022  |  Office of Communications

    San Diego, CA – Amidst nationwide declines in enrollment, San Diego Mesa College has recently seen an uptick in enrollments and registration in Fall 2022 short-term and late-start classes that are specifically designed to meet student needs. Mesa College offers over 100 courses that are short-terms (less than the traditional 16 weeks) and are also “late-start”, meaning that those classes begin weeks or even months after the traditional August semester start. Short term classes are a great option for working students, and allow student to earn units much more quickly. Many of these courses prepare students for local careers, which will have a direct positive impact on the local economy. California's community colleges such as Mesa College have added $128.2 billion in income to the California economy.

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