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  • Veteran Mother of Two Hopes to Make Positive Change for Children´s Health

    November 10, 2016  |  Lauren J. Mapp

    After nine years in the U.S. Army, Karina Miranda returned to her hometown to attend San Diego Mesa College, which she said she chose in part because of aesthetic beauty as well as its treatment of veterans.

    “There is so much support for the veteran community here – there’s just so much here for veterans to be involved with,” Miranda said. “They offer a lot of opportunities here, there are a lot of programs and it’s very flexible with the courses and hours.”

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  • Army Vet Takes Pride in Watching SVO Grow

    November 09, 2016  |  Lauren J. Mapp

    After being in the U.S. Army for just over four years, veteran Jordan Agricula – President of Mesa’s Student Veteran Organization – is now a student at San Diego Mesa College applying to transfer next fall.

    Agricula – who has attended classes at Mesa for the past three years – was born in Hawaii, but grew up in California. After initially beginning college at Santa Rosa Junior College, Agricula dropped out of college and moved back to Hawaii, later joining the military to gain job experience.

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