May 22, 2018

Student Work Showcased at the Annual Mesa College Research Conference (MCRC)

By Office of Communications

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On May 11, 2018, the annual Mesa College Research Conference showcased student research across diverse discipline areas. The event celebrated student excellence and provided students with high impact learning experiences that help make them competitive for future opportunities.


The Mesa College Research Conference (MCRC) is an annual opportunity for students to showcase and present their research in poster format to academics and professionals. The conference is for student research in any field and is currently open to students in the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD; San Diego Mesa College, San Diego City College, and San Diego Miramar College). Students in classes that include a research component and students in honors classes are especially suitable for the conference.


We are very pleased to announce the 1st place awards in the following categories of research. These students have represented diverse and rich research topic areas.


1st place Analytical:

Emma Leverette, Megan Curtin, Rebecca Glisson and Jordynne Badillo, “The Difference in Effect of Mass Shootings on Students vs Non-Students”

Advisor: Inna Kanevsky (Psychological Science)


1st place Descriptive:

Wonil Kim, Tiffany Navarro, Alina Atkins and Christina Garcia, “Follow the Rebel: Gender Differences in Susceptibility Toward Replicating Misdemeanors”

Advisor: Joline Bourdages (Psychological Science)


1st place Experimental:

Claire Aquino, “College Students’ Grit and Fitness: Body Mass Index (BMI) and Physical Activity (PA) as Health Factors”

Advisor: Jaye Van Kirk (Psychological Science)


The conference recognizes many different types of research including quantitative (statistical) and qualitative, collecting data and using existing data or sources, testing hypotheses and generating theses. All fields of study are eligible to submit projects that qualify as research and the conference is divided into categories (Analytical, Descriptive, and Experimental) to capture many different types of research. In order to qualify for the conference, student’s work should be making a new claim and provide evidence that supports the claim.


Each year, students from all disciplines are invited to share their research discoveries with the campus community in the MCRC. The event provides students with the opportunity to explore the questions that they are passionate about researching.  Students can then share the information with a professor/mentor, who can help convert their vision into researchable questions. Selected proposals will have an opportunity to present a poster showcasing student’s research. By participating, students’ gain a number of benefits, including academic and professional development (e.g. portfolio), research presentation experience  and potential academic distinction (e.g. awards). 

MCRC Finalists  

To see photos of this year’s conference, please see the 2018 MCRC Photo Album. To learn more and participate in future events, visit the Mesa College Research Conference webpage.

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