May 9, 2019

Mesa College Research Conference (MCRC) to Showcase Students' Research-Based Presentations

By Office of Communications

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The San Diego Mesa College Math and Science Complex (MS) will once again host the annual Mesa College Research Conference (MCRC) on Friday, May 10, at 8:30am-1pm. This year’s conference will showcase student research across multiple disciplines and provide students the opportunity to present their research in poster format to academics, professionals, fellow students and the community. Some highlighted research methods include quantitative (statistical) and qualitative, data collection and using existing data or sources, and testing hypotheses to generate theses.

Students in the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), including San Diego Mesa College, San Diego City College, and San Diego Miramar College, will come together on Mesa’s campus to share their findings on some exciting research they have been working on. The entire San Diego community is invited and encouraged to support our students by engaging in the important work they are doing.

The program will begin at 9am with opening remarks from President Pamela T. Luster followed by a keynote address from Chancellor Constance M. Carroll. The program will also feature a presentation by Professor Denise Rogers on The Diversity of Research, and this year’s awards will be presented by V.P. of Instruction, Isabel O’Connor, as well as the 2018 Experimental Winner, Claire Aquino and two previous analytical category winners, Beccah Glisson and Jordynne Badillo.

The poster presentations will be judged by at least two independent judges based on the following criteria: aesthetics, content and oral presentation. The top poster in each category—analytical, descriptive, and experimental—will receive a first-place award at the end of the program.

Join us on the Mesa campus in the first floor of the San Diego Mesa College Math and Science Complex (MS) as participating students share their presentations. For more information about MCRC, or to donate to future conferences, visit the Mesa College Research Conference webpage.

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