November 29, 2018

Mesa’s Music Recital Hour Really Inspires

By Cristy Ocana, Office of Communications

Flute and Guitar Composition

The San Diego Mesa College Applied Music Program hosted a music recital on November 28. The students performed classical music that included pieces by Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Georges Bizet, Robert Muczynski, and other famous composers. The pieces included the piano, guitar, flute, violin, drums, sax, and marimba.


The 15 student musicians who performed these compositions worked exceedingly hard to perfect their pieces for the audience. One highlight of the evening was the vocal piece, “L’amour est un oiseau rebelle (Habenera)” sung by Angela Bacabac, which left the audience in awe. The other 18 compositions were pleasing to hear, and enjoyable to the audience.


The Applied Music Program has two more upcoming music recitals. The next one is on December 5, which will feature Folk/Jazz music, followed by another classical recital on December 12. Don’t miss out on the delightful musical performances of our talented Mesa students.


The Music Department at San Diego Mesa College offers 73 active courses, providing entry-level music curricula comparable to those in four-year institutions. We are training students to transfer to four-year universities as well as to take part in the growing entertainment field, the largest industry in California. The Music Department has demanding and rewarding classes in music theory, ear training, electronic music, guitar, piano, voice, world music, and jazz that provide non-music and music majors the opportunity to learn about and create music. Since 1995 we have awarded $30,000+ in scholarships to music majors transferring to 4-year institutions. If you care about music and want a superior music education, San Diego Mesa College is a great choice.


For more information, visit the Music Department webpage or contact the Department Chair, Dr. N. Scott Robinson at

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