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Attention: Alan Goodman, Music Instructional Lab Technician

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Music Department

The Music Department at San Diego Mesa College offers 81 active courses, providing entry level music curricula comparable to those in four-year institutions. We are training students to transfer to four year universities as well as to take part in the growing entertainment field in California. The Music Department has demanding and rewarding classes in applied music, music theory, ear training, electronic music, guitar, piano, voice, world music, classical music, popular music, and jazz that provide non-music and music majors the opportunity to learn about and create music. Since 1995 we have awarded $30,000+ in scholarships to music majors transferring to 4-year institutions. If you care about music and want a superior music education, San Diego Mesa College is a great choice.


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mapped MUSIC Degrees & Certificates


  • MUSI 124A, MUSI 134A, MUSI 134C, MUSI 136A, MUSI 148A, MUSI 148B, MUSI 150A,          MUSI 190, MUSI 248A, MUSI 248B, MUSI 268A, MUSI 268B, MUSI 269A, MUSI 269B



Music Dept. Features

  • Applied Music: Limited enrollment via competitive auditions have nurtured highly talented musicians, the majority successfully transfer in their specialty
  • Jazz Ensemble: Solid reputation throughout community with high energy and popular community concerts Contact: Louis Valenzuela
  • Choir: Performed concerts throughout San Diego and on international tours featuring a variety of programs dedicated to gospel music, music of the Pacific Rim, African music, vocal jazz and western European masterworks
  • Guitar Ensemble: Performed concerts throughout the San Diego area with programs of a variety of genre and composers
  • Recital Hour: Weekly musical performances showcase talented students, masterful faculty, musicians of the local community and performers of world renown, and a venue for educational quality concerts for students, campus and community
  • Guitar Classes (2 levels) Contact: Sean Bassett
  • Voice Classes (4 levels) Contact: Amy Mein
  • Piano classes: Our three levels of piano classes prepare music majors for passing the piano proficiency required at all 4-year degree music institutions for transfer students. Contact: Jaeryoung Lee -  NEW PIANO CLASS PROMO VIDEO
  • Recording Studio: State of the art recording facility and computer music production studio available to students at any level of interest and ability with a very broad curriculum: Introduction to Audio Technology, Recording Arts, Computer Music, Large Console Audio Recpording, Audio Production Projects 1 & 2, Recording Studio Internship 1-4, Music & Social Media
  • Music Composition 1-2 online courses: Virtually unheard of at community colleges, composition, electronic music, film/video game scoring, and songwriting regarded as a core skill for the creative musician. Contact: Dr. Charles Washington
  • Basic Musicianship/Music Theory/Ear Training Classes: Recognized State-wide for its rigor, courses transfer directly to CSU and UC music programs. Students place without deficiencies at major conservatories and universities. Contact: Gina Jung
  • Wide variety of GenEd classes both online & on campus for transfer credit: Introduction to Music, Music of The Beatles, World Music, Jazz History, History of Rock Music, Rap Music & Hip-hop Culture, Music of California, Asian & Pacific Music, Music for Elementary School Teachers, Music of Latin America & North America, Music of the United States, Women & Music