March 15, 2018

Woman to Woman Conference 2018

By Office of Communications

woman to woman group

On Feb 8, 2018 the Woman to Woman Conference: Protect Your Crown event was held in MC 211, with over 70 students, staff, and faculty in attendance. The event focused on inclusive empowerment for men and women of all ages. Speakers included President Pamela T. Luster, Vice President of Student Services Ashanti Hands, Professor Starla Lewis, and FAST Scholars Counselor and Coordinator Sade Burrell.


The theme, “Protect Your Crown” focused on initiatives involving self-love, confidence, growth, and success focused on the individual. Attendees were encouraged to see themselves as “kings” and “queens”, have confidence in themselves and their opinions, and generate the determination needed to reach their goals.


The main goal of the event was to impart that attitude can be everything when it comes to day to day life, especially against the struggles of negative influences. Often times, people may feel judged or influenced by outside forces. Speakers at the conference focused on inspiring men and women to stay true to themselves and protect their opinions with daily positive affirmations.


For more information about the conference, please contact Sade Burrell at

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