February 13, 2018

Mesa College Launched Celebration of Black History Month with Rosa Parks's Birthday

By Office of Communications

Rosa Parks Civil Rights Silent Walk

On Feb. 1, Mesa College celebrated the beginning of Black History Month by honoring American civil rights activist Rosa Parks. Students, faculty, staff and administrators participated in a campus wide silent march to the Rosa Parks Transit Stop, followed by a libation – a traditional ritual in African cultures that involves the pouring of a liquid offering in honor of someone’s memory.

Many students involved in the Black Student Union (BSU) shared thoughts and words of thanks for the courage of Rosa Parks the day she refused to give up her seat on the bus in 1995, and for the civil rights work that was inspired from the historical event. Chancellor Constance Carroll joined in the celebration and shared her fond memories of Mrs. Parks and her affinity for San Diego Mesa College.

 Students also created signs with positive messages inspiring equality and community that they then carried through campus during the silent march. Additional Black History Month cultural events will follow throughout February and can be found on the Mesa College Calendar or listed on the iMesa Mobile app.

silent march 2018

Rosa Parks Chancellor speech


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