November 14, 2018

International Education Exhibitor Fair Shows Mesa Students How to Expand Their Cultural Experience

By Angela Garcia, Office of Communications

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This week, San Diego Mesa College kicked off International Education Week by hosting the International Education Exhibitor Fair where students had the opportunity to explore the different ways to get involved and celebrate other cultures. Booths—varying from International Study Abroad programs to language clubs to Martial Arts—decorated Sunrise Plaza for students to see all the options available to them.

Students interacted with a live martial arts demonstration, and some even joined in a spontaneous salsa lesson with Soldiers and Students who Salsa.

At Mesa, through various programs, clubs and events, students are able to immerse themselves into many cultural traditions that help create positive and enriching experiences that highlight cultural diversity.

For those who are thinking about a study abroad experience, Mesa College Professor and International Education Coordinator, Dr. Dora Schoenbrun-Fernandez expressed how enriching, yet affordable, Mesa’s study abroad programs can be.

“It’s a great time for students to study abroad. With all the scholarships available, students could potentially have their entire trip full-funded.” Dr. Schoenbrun-Fernandez emphasized, “Students just need to take initiative to apply for the scholarships.”

For more information, visit the study abroad programs page or contact Dr. Dora Schoenbrun-Fernandez at

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