November 12, 2021

Mesa College Announces Open Enrollment Spring 2022

By Office of Communications

spring 2022 flyer
San Diego, CA. — San Diego Mesa College has announced that their 2022 intersession and spring schedules, which are now available online.  Mesa plans to offer a total of 112 courses during Winter Intersession which runs from January 3-29, 2022. The spring 2022 schedule includes nearly 1,900 classes, over 60% of which will be offered either on-campus or in hybrid format. Priority registration is currently open, with Open Enrollment starting December 6. In October 2021, Mesa College was named a 2021 Equity Champion of Higher Education for excelling at awarding Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) to Black and Latinx students.
“Mesa College wants students to know that Mesa is here for them,” stated President Pamela Luster. “Our goal is to prioritize student access and success, and to reduce equity gaps for our students that were most impacted during the pandemic.” 
Mesa is committed to helping students both on-campus and virtually, and offers all support services to virtual and online formats, including the creation of a central Students Services online portal and helpline. Core classes available include English, Spanish and Mathematics. Courses are not restricted to Mesa College students – students from SDSU, UCSD, USD and other 4-year universities are encouraged to enroll to gain their general education requirements, and save a significant amount of money by doing so, including the Governor signing  the legislation making Mesa’s Health Information Management (HIM) Bachelor’s degree program permanent.
Mesa College is recognized for having the largest number of students who earnedspring 2022 2 degrees designed to transfer to the California State University system in 2015. This is an important consideration for many students who want to go on to earn a higher degree once they leave Mesa College.  Classes aren’t only for students pursuing a four-year degree. Students interested in Career Education, and who want to gain in-demand job skills can take classes such as Accounting, Business, Computer Science, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Health Information Technology, Multimedia, Real Estate, and Web Development – all of which can be applied towards an Associate’s Degree in their respective Departments.
Registration for Mesa College is open now. Classes are $46 a unit for California residents. Visit the Spring 2022 webpage at to learn more.
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