October 15, 2021

Mesa Student Raine Porter, Awarded 2021 National Tutor of the Year

By Jennifer N. Kearns & Lauren Dorst

Raine Porter

Mesa College student Raine Porter is the newest recipient of the College Reading & Learning Association’s (CRLA) Outstanding Tutor Award. Established in 1995 by CRLA’s International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) committee who review over 1200+ certified programs. The award is given annually to one undergraduate peer tutor, who contributes to the academic success of their peers. CRLA felt that Raine was a “true representative of what an outstanding tutor should be,” motivating and inspiring others through her passion and dedication to her work.


In her winning 2021 application, Raine writes about transitioning to remote learning and how the pandemic impacted her approach to online tutoring. She explains, “The idea of ‘meeting the student where they are’ and indicating that we understand what they are feeling, facilitated my ability to connect with students despite being in an online space.”


Raine credits the Mesa Tutoring and Computing Centers (MT2C) with easing the adjustment to online tutoring. MT2C serves thousands of students each year, and staff put time and effort into training tutors like Raine to meet the diverse and changing needs of her peers. Raine notes, “The training sessions that impacted me most were the ones centered around empathy and student outreach. These two aspects helped me discern when students’ frustrations were related to the educational content or having to learn in a new online environment.”


Above all, Raine sought to form compassionate relationships with the students she tutors to inspire their persistence and sense of belonging. “I found that students are more open to seeking assistance when they form interpersonal connections,” she says.


Raine has been a tutor at Mesa College for just over 2 years.  A native of Okinawa, Japan, her family moved to San Diego when her father got stationed here as a marine. Upon enrolling at Mesa, she recalls going to the STEM Center to study and ultimately, feeling compelled to assist other students with their schoolwork. According to her MT2C supervisors, Raine is the embodiment of the ideal tutor because she has improved in all areas: Tutoring, Leadership, Andragogy, and Equity. Raine has thrived as a Mentor Tutor, Embedded Tutor, Chemistry Tutor, and Leader in Mesa’s Tutoring and Computing Centers (MT2C) program.  


MT2C Program Coordinator Mark Manasse, states, “Anyone who has ever interacted with Raine as a colleague, tutor, or friend knows what an amazing human being she is...and how deserved this prestigious honor is as well.”  


Raine’s tutoring training and the strategies she has developed while connecting with Mesa College students will prepare her as she pursues a career as a community college Chemistry Professor. She reflects, “As I continue to learn and prepare for my future goal, I am now confident that I will be equipped with the knowledge to support students with equitable practices.”

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