February 7, 2019

Mesa College to Offer More Than $200,000 in Scholarships

By Cristy Ocana

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Mesa College offers hundreds of scholarships each year to students, and as of February 1, students can access the online portal to apply. The scholarship program gives students the opportunity to complete their studies through financial support. Numerous individuals, groups and Mesa College partners offer scholarships, with many dedicated to the memory of loved ones affiliated with the college. Scholarships range in value from $250 – $2,500 and are available to all Mesa students.

In 2018, Mesa College awarded 175 students approximately $240,000 in scholarships—62 who received more than one award. This year, Mesa is hoping to award more students who are in need of this financial support.

Eligible students must register with a valid and active email. Once registered, students must fill out a “bio-questionnaire” that determines if the student meets the minimum requirements of any scholarships. After that, the search for scholarships may begin. Students can choose a scholarship, click the “Apply” button and complete the prompts. The typical requirements to officially apply to a scholarship are a short essay, usually 500 words, and in some cases, to provide a reference. There is no limitation on the number of scholarships for which students can apply, as long as they are eligible.  The online application has been upgraded to help streamline this process for students. Apply before the deadline, Tuesday, February 19, 2019, and become eligible to receive a scholarship.

Recipients can receive a maximum of three awards (the three highest in monetary value). If a student is identified as a recipient for a scholarship opportunity, attendance at the annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony is required. The ceremony will be held at the Mission Valley DoubleTree Hotel on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 12:00 pm. More information will be given through email, once recipients are determined.

For more information, please visit the Mesa College Scholarship website.

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