March 19, 2019

Mesa College Architecture Alumna Hasti Ahmadi Makes Global Impact

By Angela Garcia

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When Mesa Alumna Hasti Ahmadi first emigrated from Iran to start her college journey at Mesa in Spring 2015, she had no idea what field she wanted to pursue. After taking several courses, including architecture, she decided to make architecture her course of study. Her newfound passion, along with guidance from the Architecture faculty and Counseling Department, led Ahmadi to complete all requirements to transfer to University of California, Berkeley.

“The passion I developed for architecture stems from the realization that architecture is not only a means to design structures, but more importantly, architecture is a catalyst to mold and influence one’s culture,” she said. “Architecture is the reflection of a civilization.”

Ahmadi rebuilding homes in Puerto Rico.

This passion is what influenced her decision to join the All Hands and Hearts Organization to help restore homes in Puerto Rico that were destroyed by Hurricane Maria.

 “When I was given a chance to give back by volunteering in Puerto Rico to help rebuild a small village after it was devastated by a hurricane, I felt compelled to do my part in helping others,” she shared. For Ahmadi, this meant more than just rebuilding homes; this meant rebuilding families and their quality of life.


Ahmadi is a prime example of just how far-reaching our work can be, and why Mesa believes in supporting our students.

“The resources, the guidance, the counseling, [and] the support were invaluable and priceless for me to work and achieve my goals,” she said. “Faculty members, such as Ian Kay, Natalie Mapes, Valerie Abe, Carl Strona, Waverly Ray, and so many others, nurtured and cheered me on throughout my two years at Mesa College, even long after I completed junior college.”

Michael Murphy Memorial Architecture and Environmental Design Scholarship recipient

During her time at Mesa, Ahmadi was recognized as a recipient of the Michael Murphy Memorial Architecture and Environmental Design Scholarship. She graduates from UC Berkeley this spring, and plans to build a school in Nepal with the All Hands and Hearts Organization before returning to school to earn a master’s degree in Architecture.

The Architecture program at Mesa College seeks to help students transfer to university Architecture programs and to prepare students for employment in architecture and design offices. To find out more about the Architecture program at Mesa College, visit the Architecture Department page.

For the full story of Ahmadi’s experience in Puerto Rico, read more at Global Citizen.

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