March 18, 2022

San Diego Mesa College Joins Military Articulation Platform to Award Student Veterans Credit for Prior Learning

By Beverly Fruto

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March 18, 2022 - San Diego Mesa College has been accepted into the 2022 cohort of 52 California Community Colleges to utilize the Military Articulation Platform (MAP), which allows student veterans to maximize academic credits for prior learning acquired through their military service. MAP is an online system that matches college courses to American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide recommendations. Articulation decisions for Mesa College courses will ultimately be made with input from faculty, evaluators, and articulation officers. Once Mesa College is fully integrated into the cloud-based system, students with military experience will be able to upload their joint services transcripts into MAP and find out which credits they can receive for courses they took and occupations they held while in the military. In effect, MAP will streamline the process of earning college credits for prior military training. 


“Being part of the Mil Map [Military Articulation Platform] project is very exciting,” stated Dr. Shelly Hess, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction at the San Diego Community College District. “CPL [credit for prior learning] has proven to be successful for military students, it helps save them time and money because it enables them to use the skills and knowledge they already have and put them towards degrees and certificates. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the new cohort and help faculty use the tool to create more CPL opportunities for our deserving veterans and active duty service members.” 


Colleges were selected to participate in MAP based on their demonstrated support for veteran students. Designated as a Military Friendly School, San Diego Mesa College has 4,095 students with military experience enrolled in the 2021-2022 academic year. Moving forward, MAP will have a significant impact on Mesa College military students’ ability to earn the credits they deserve for their military training.


“As someone who came from a very technical job in the Army (Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer) I was honestly shocked whenjordan I enrolled [at Mesa] and found out that the only thing I would get credit for was Exercise Science,” stated Jordan Agricula, former president of the San Diego Mesa College Student Veteran Organization and Mesa alum, who currently works in the Mesa College Veterans and Records Office.

“It made me feel that the almost year-long training and several years of putting that into practice was for nothing. Now, as a staff member, I often hear these same questions and frustration coming from our enrolling student veterans. I believe having the MAP in place will not only show our veterans that we recognize their experiences, but it will also help jump start them in the right direction to graduate and transfer.”


The MAP project was developed by Norco College and the Riverside Community College District in 2017 to ensure that student veterans receivemap logo college credit for their military training and to improve equitable access of student veterans to higher education, transfer, and completion. There are currently 64 California Community Colleges participating in MAP, with plans to expand the system to all of the state’s 116 community colleges.


For questions or more information on the Military Articulation Platform, contact Dr. Toni Parsons at


Student veterans may direct their questions to the San Diego Mesa College Veterans Success Center at


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