October 24, 2017

San Diego Mesa College's Fashion Students Designs Featured in Salk Institute's Design and Discovery Fashion Showcase

By Office of Communications

Light Dance

On Oct 4, 2017, a group of advanced students from San Diego Mesa College’s Fashion Design Program displayed their garments at the Design and Discovery Fashion Showcase hosted by the Salk Institute for Biological Studies as part of the “Women in Science” program at Salk.

This event was to showcase the connections that can be drawn between art and science and to communicate the visual splendor of research through Fashion Design.

 “We are extremely proud of what the students have achieved. Their vision and translation of the scientific images include a variety of textile mediums, technology for some, and a lot of creativity,” stated Susan Lazear, professor of fashion at Mesa.

Jenivive Bernbeck, Humberto Buisan , Jessica Holland, Lauren Jackson, Rachel Merrill, Lina Mills, Christiann Moore, Marty Ornish, Tammie Pontsler, Kara Riekstins, Juliet Sailo, Anna Walden, and Nada Zein were the 13 fashion designers from Mesa’s program who were matched with 13 scientists from Salk. The students used imagery from the scientists’ research as inspiration for their evening gowns. The research focused on topics such as the study of cancer cells, helix structures of DNA fibers, and more.

“Mesa College is proud to have our fashion students partnering with Salk scientists for the Design and Discovery Fashion Showcase. This is truly two of San Diego’s top institutions coming together to demonstrate that science is art and art is science,” stated President of Mesa College, Dr. Pamela T. Luster.

Mesa College is planning an on-campus event on November 30th campus to display the designs (more info coming soon).

For more information on the Design and Discovery Showcase, go to

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