Transfer Planning

Steps to Transfer#

1. Choose Your Major / Career!

2. Choose Your Transfer School

3. Create an Ed Plan!

4. Apply for Transfer!

Review Transfer Requirements#

All 4-year institutions (CSU's, UC's, Privates, Out-of-states) offer a variety of majors and emphasis. Students are encouraged to start reviewing requirements early and connect with a transfer counselor today.

CSU Transfer Requirements

UC Transfer Requirements

Transfer Scholarships#

As part of its ongoing effort to support affordable and accessible college opportunities for California Community College students, the Community College League of California (League) announces a new scholarship program. In spring 2024, ten students across the state will each be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to support their academic persuits. 

The Assistance  League of Greater San Diego is offering its Upper Division Scholarships to those students transitioning from 6 San Diego community colleges to a four year college or university

Every Year the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) selects 10,000 outstanding students of Hispanic heritage to receive scholarships ranging from $500-$5,000.

The Hoffman Agency Scholarship will cover tuition and fees for a California Community College student who transfers to attending an HBCU to study communications.

To honor Dr. Carroll's legacy, the University of San Diego has created ten full-tuition scholarships designated for students who have graduated from one of the three San Diego Community College District schools (Mesa, Miramar and City College).