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Catalyst!The Faculty Professional Learning Committee (FPLC) and the LOFT bring you Catalyst, a teaching conference at Mesa. The goal of Catalyst is to create a space for teaching conversations during Flex week, and to help faculty prepare spring classes. Learn more about Catalyst.


Flex Week

Flex Week 2021 at San Diego Mesa College includes several events to support the professional and personal growth of the Mesa Community. More

mesa loft online

LOFT OnlineMiss the LOFT? Mesa's hub for Online Professional Learning is Mesa LOFT Online! Here you will find the professional learning resources you need for, Canvas, Zoom, Video's, Professional Learning, the LOFT Badge program and more! 


Virtual Lab Hours

Click here to view Virtual Lab Hours this week

loft donuts

LOFT Donuts

While we don't have any actual donuts for you, we'll use this space to share with you tips, tools, resources, or anything else that you might find sweet. More


Communities of PracticeWhat do you do when you learn something new? Have you wondered how you could share or apply this new information to your daily work? Creating Communities of Practice is a way to begin that conversation/process. More

Leaders Engaging in Equity Practice

The Learning Opportunities For Transformation invites nominations (self-nominations are welcome) to participate in the Leaders Engaging in Equity Practice (LEEP) seriesMore 


AmplifyAmplify is an online module delivered through Canvas designed to strengthen professional learning offerings through the LOFT. Learn More

LOFT badge program

Badge ProgramOur LOFT Badge Program provides Mesa employees with focused skill-based fully-online learning experiences. More

New Faculty Institute 

NFIEach Month, members of New Faculty Institute will meet in the LOFT to learn and discuss topics that will help prepare them for their new positions as tenure-track faculty. More


ClassiCONClassiCON Classified Professional Conference is a professional learning conference for classified professionals focused on job and workplace skills, professional development, team building, equity and personal development. More 

Summer Course Redesign Institute

CRIThe Course Redesign Institute is a week-long interactive event for  faculty to revise their courses and address the needs of disproportionately impacted students.




Build w/ Mesa Buddies cohorts have both ended. PBuddies provided peer-to-peer support for online course development.

Finish Line Game

Finish LineThe Finish Line Game has been helping college teams have those sometimes difficult, yet robust discussions surrounding student success and equity. Understand the barriers, first-hand, that prevent your students from succeeding and reaching their goals. Reserve Finish Line Game


FLEXThe academic calendar includes 5 Instructional Improvement (flex) days for all classroom faculty. It is designed for faculty to conduct staff, student and instructional improvement activities. 
Mesa FLEX Form

Conference & Travel


The Conference and Travel Committee is able to support travel requests to present or attend a conference. More

about professional learning

about professional learningProfessional learning enables campus employees to develop the knowledge and skills to assist students to be successful in college and address students’ learning challenges. Effective professional learning enables teachers to improve their instruction, administrators to become better leaders, and staff to facilitate pathways toward student achievement.

Creating professional learning opportunities on diversity, learning styles, and innovative teaching techniques are important components in order for all campus employees to grow and develop in their profession.

Professional learning is most effective when it occurs in the context of our daily work.  When campus employees arrange professional learning into their work schedules and are given flexibility to allow time for professional training, then personal and professional growth are genuinely supported.


Campus Employee Learning supports the mission of San Diego Mesa College through coordination of a variety of professional learning opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators to experience and enjoy in their roles as lifelong learners and educators.

Strategic Plan