ACS Mesa College Chem Club

Mission Statement

ACS Mesa College ChemClub is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This is a student run organization where students learn to lead, organize and manage a club. Our mission is to promote Chemistry and Science within our student body and community in an inclusive and equity-minded environment. Moreover, our club provides the intellectual stimulation arising from interacting with professionals in the scientific community, and fosters an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges of the modern chemist.

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Meeting Minutes

October 2022
10/4/2022 P1
10/4/2022 P2
10/4/2022 P3
10/4/2022 P4
September 2022
9/6/2022 P1
9/6/2022 P2

Chemistry Program

Whether you want to be a scientist, engineer, or instructor in a STEM field, let Mesa College’s chemistry courses be the catalyst for your career in chemistry. Immerse yourself in an education that introduces you to the chemical processes underlying our very existence and discover the ways researchers utilize the central science to seek solutions to many of our contemporary problems.

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