Olympian Pathways Prototype

Olympian Pathways Prototype

The Olympian Pathways Prototype (OPP) is a program prototype geared toward serving the student-athlete population at San Diego Mesa College by introducing intentional, intrusive interventions that aim to increase retention, academic success, sense of belonging, and accountability. The program aims to utilize services to address inequities in pathways by providing an integrated, proactive system of services to student-athletes.

This work is done through an equity-minded, team approach that includes the head coach, the SA Counselor, Assistant Athletic Directors, the Dean/ Athletic Director, Athletic Retention Technicians (ARTs), and Student Services.

The ARTs are the newly introduced catalysts to the retention efforts of the Athletics program. ARTs serve our SAs by providing timely responses, a wealth of knowledge, and holistic support by creating and nurturing professional relationships with our SAs and demonstrating consistent, authentic care for each individual SA.

This program is a partnership between the School of Student Development and School of Exercise Science, Health Education, Dance, and Athletics. 

Dr. Ailene Crakes,
Dean of Student Development

Dr. Ryan Shumaker,
Dean of Exercise Science, Health Education, Dance, and Athletics


San Diego Mesa College's 3/23/21 Campus Community Forum highlighted OPP - Olympian Pathways Prototype, the work of our Athletic Retention Technicians, and our student-athletes. Thanks to the following Coaches, Athletic Retention Technicians, and student-athletes who participated and provided support.


Travis Nichols,
Men's Basketball

Talib Mahdi

Max Feit

Sean Ricketts,
Track & Field and Cross Country

Wes Williams

Yahaira Zuniga

Andrew Mitchell

Lindsay Samaniego, Women's Basketball

Careth Herron

Emma Fitzgerald 
(dual-sport student-athlete)

Juliana Valadez

Steve Sanchez, Baseball

Jake Portugal

Aaron Wright

Gary Watkins, Football

Taylor Genuser



The Olympian Pathways Prototype was one of the programs highlighted during the Board of Trustees Meeting in Fall 2020. Hear from our Athletic Retention Technicians, Ex-Coaches, and Student-Athletes.