Disciplinary Clearance Process

Disciplinary Clearance Process

When applying to transfer, some colleges or universities provide forms for the student to complete & return to the university. One of the forms may include what we call a Disciplinary Clearance Form. This form is used to disclose information regarding the student's conduct while attending courses at Mesa. The name of the form varies from campus to campus.

Some of the common names include:

  • Common Application: College Report
  • Disclosure of Disciplinary Action
  • College Conduct Report
  • Transfer Student Recommendation
  • Dean Certification Form

*If you are unsure if your form is included in this process, please contact our office

Steps for Clearance

Here you can find instructions for students to process their Common Application College Report. These instructions can also be used as general suggestions for completing other forms provided from colleges requesting Disciplinary Clearance from Mesa College. 

Step 1

For form A: Complete student section portion of the common application, including the FERPA Release Authorization and date. Please make sure all highlighted areas under the student section are completed.

Common Application

For form B: Complete applicant information as indicated in the common application.

Common Application

Step 2 

After you have completed the required student section, email (

In the email, please attach or include the following:

  • Clearance Form (common application), completed as shown above
  • Full Name & CSID number
  • List of Universities & email addresses

Step 3

Student Affairs will forward to appropriate campus offices & universities.


Help with Disciplinary Clearance Process

Please contact our the office of Student Affairs via email or phone ( or 619-388-2699) if you have any questions about disciplinary clearance or the common application or other questions at this time.

View PDF version of instructions