Honors Transfer Information

Upon completion of the Honors Transfer Program, students may take advantage of the benefits and privileges offered by universities through honors transfer agreements. Our honors partner schools are listed below. The highlights of these agreements can be found here: Transfer Agreement Highlights. A detailed description of Honors Transfer Agreements can be found by clicking on the "View transfer info" link by each school.

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Transfer Essay Writing

See below for examples of professional and students' essays, tips, and a discussion about college application essays to help you get started on yours.

For Common Application:
Stanford Student's Essay

For UC Application:
Personal Essay Prompt #1
Personal Essay Prompt #2
Professional Essay #1: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?
Professional Essay #2: Unspoken Truths
NPR Discussion of College Application Essays: Amherst
Honors Transfer Council of California Tips: Personal Statement
Getting Started - Transfer Essay Writing Tips

Putting Honors in your UC Application (More Tips)

If you are filling out the UC application, and you plan to finish the Honors Program before leaving Mesa, you should use the "Additional Comments…" area to explain that you have will have completed the San Diego Mesa Honors Program by the time you transfer. (I assume you know that to complete the program you need to have the 4 requirements finished [min. GPA 3.25, 15 units of honors course and/or contracts [mostly at Mesa but can include other HTCC schools, including City & Miramar], 4 honors activities and 10 hours of community service).

In this additional comment area, right after your 2 personal statements, write the following or something VERY similar:

"I will have completed the San Diego Mesa College Honors Program by the end of spring semester 2015. This means that I have taken a more rigorous curriculum (15 units of honors level coursework) fulfilled the requirement of taking an active role in the program, completed the community service requirement, and have the requisite GPA."

If you will have done more than 15 units of honors by the end of spring semester, put the higher number. If you will have exceeded any of the other requirements –emphasize that instead of saying that you just met the requirements.

Transfer Alliance Program

Students wishing to do the UCLA TAP program must meet with Anthony Reuss.

Mesa College Honors Program Partner Schools

Universities of California

Cal State Universities

  • CSU Fullerton
  • San Diego State
  • San Jose State, Engineering
  • CSU Stanislaus

Private Universities

  • Azuza Pacific Univ.
  • Chapman University
  • La Sierra University
  • Loyola Marymount U
  • Mills College
  • Occidental College
  • Pitzer College
  • Pomona College
  • U of San Diego
  • Whitman College

Calculate Your GPA

Grades scale on points:

A= 4 A-= 3.7 B+= 3.3 B= 3 B-= 2.7 C+= 2.3 C= 2 C-= 1.7

Multiply the amount of units of the class(es) you took by the points of the grade you got on that class(es).

Then add up all the products and add all the units from the class(es). After that divide the sum of the grade's product by the sum of units and the result will be your GPA. Good luck!