Test Proctoring Center

Test Proctoring Center

The Mesa Test Proctoring Center provides an inclusive and accessible testing center that incorporates equity, universal design principles, and a space to support student learning, cultivate course completion, retention, and academic goals. The test proctoring center supports all San Diego Mesa College students while promoting a welcoming environment and flexible testing options while maintaining academic integrity.  

The center would offer in-person testing for on campus and online courses requiring in-person proctoring services. The center will offer in-person makeup exams and remote proctoring via zoom as a service for students who cannot test with the rest of the class due to extenuating circumstances. 


Types of Test Proctoring Services

  • Disability related exam accommodations (as authorized by DSPS Counselor)  
  • In-person Proctoring for Computer based exams 
  • On Campus Proctoring for Paper & pencil exams 
  • Instructor Approved Make up exams
  • Distraction reduced environment (Access to noise cancelling headphones/ear plugs)

Procedures for Test Proctoring

  1. Students requesting testing accommodations due to disability accommodation must meet with their DSPS Counselor every semester to set up the test proctoring services. DSPS students should complete the STUDENT TEST PROCTORING REQUEST at LEAST 5 business days (10 days for finals) in advance of the scheduled exam.  This form should be completed for each test where you will utlize the Mesa Test Proctoring Center. 
    Please note: proctoring center will attempt to accommodate any requests as space permits

  2. The test proctoring center is also available to faculty who want to support any students experiencing extenuating circumstances beyond any authorized academic accommodation. Faculty may request test proctoring at LEAST 5 business days in advance of the scheduled exam.  Professors wishing to request test proctoring support should submit the FACULTY REQUEST FOR TEST PROCTORING
    Please note: proctoring center will attempt to accommodate any requests as space permits

  3. Once the professor has been made aware of the test proctoring request; they complete the:

  4. The Test Proctoring Center will contact the student to set up a testing appointment based on the information provided on the Faculty Request for Test Proctoring form.

  5. The instructor will email the Test Proctor Center the exam and instructions (if this information was not already included ithe the Faculty Reqeust Form) along with any access codes (if applicable). The exam may also be uploaded securely on the Faculty Request for Test Proctoring form.

  6. The student will enter Test Proctoring Center at the scheduled appointment day and time, and will be provided with a copy of the San Diego Mesa College Academic Honesty Statement to read and acknowledge.

  7. When the student has completed the exam, the Test Proctoring Center will return the completed exam to the instructor. 

Contact the Test Proctoring Center

Phone: 619-388-2780
Video Phone/ASL: 619-403-9547
Room: I4-405 (4th Floor of the Student Services Building)