Admissions Eligibility

Admissions Eligibility

Find out if you're eligible to apply to Mesa and start taking classes. With open enrollment and broad eligibility criteria, we strive to make college as accessible as possible to those intending to further their education.

Who Needs to Apply?

You will need to complete an application to Mesa College if:

  • You have never been a student at Mesa, City or Miramar College
  • You have not attended Mesa, City or Miramar College for a year or more (you weren't enrolled in classes during the Fall or Spring semesters)
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Check Your Eligibility

You are welcome and encouraged to apply for admission to Mesa College if you:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate
  • Do not possess a high school diploma but are at least 18 years old
  • Are a high school student recommended by your school, have the approval of your guardian(s) if still a minor, and meet the college's admissions criteria for special part-time and full-time students

Learn About Open Enrollment

Our Open Enrollment policy makes it easy for students to apply and start taking classes at Mesa. Apart from a select number of programs in the Allied Health Department, we have a nonselective, noncompetitive, and inclusive admissions process. That means you will be able to enroll in any of our available classes as long as you have completed the required prerequisite courses and the class has not reached its capacity. Classes will have limited seats depending on the nature of the subject and available facilities.

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