Student Policies, Rights, & Responsibilities

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Do your part to create an engaging and innovative learning community.

All students have the right to a campus environment free from interference or disruption. 

Our community standards include:

  • Academic Honesty
  • Mutual Respect
  • See Something; Say Something

Academic Honesty Statement

San Diego Mesa College values honesty, academic integrity, and community. Our goal is to guide our students in maintaining academic excellence, in addition to fostering a sense of belonging to our campus. At San Diego Mesa College, students are expected to create their own work in connection with all lecture and laboratory assessments and assignments, and will refrain from copying, cheating, plagiarizing, utilizing outside resources, or any form of academic misconduct. Students will only use external sources when approved by faculty and will properly acknowledge these external sources. We understand our students wish to maintain these community standards; however, failure to follow these community standards will be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct under Board Policy 5500 and may result in student disciplinary action. We thank our students in advance for adhering to these community standards.

Complaint Process

As a student, if you have experienced an incident/concern on campus or on Zoom, and would like to file a complaint/concern to Student Affairs, please click the Student tab below.  Such complaints/concerns could include academic complaints, 504/ADA academic accommodations complaints; harassment or discrimination complaints; gender discrimination, sexual harassment and/or violence complaint (Title IX), or a general complaint. 

File a Complaint


Contact Claudia Perkins, Student Rights & Responsibilities Coordinator ( in the Office of Student Affairs, I4-408