Veterans Services

Veterans Services

Military Friendly Gold 23-24Mesa College is a proud Military-Friendly institution, dedicated to serving our veteran, active duty military, and military dependent students as you work toward your academic goals. Find the encouragement you need to earn your degree or certificate, transfer to a four-year college or university, and enter the civilian workforce. Now is the time to further your education and training at Mesa!

New to Mesa College?

Apply today and use our simple checklist for new student veterans to start applying for educational benefits, get credit for your military experience, and enroll in classes for an upcoming semester!

Veteran, Active Duty Military, or Dependent Student Admissions

Get Help with Tuition Assistance and Applying for Benefits

There are several programs that help veterans, active duty service members, and their dependents pay for college. Learn about the different educational benefits programs as well as Military Tuition Assistance (MTA) to help you cover the costs of enrollment and fees.

Learn more about paying for college as a veteran student

Find Your Community at the Veterans Success Center

The Veterans Success Center (VSC) is committed to helping our military affiliated students successfully transition from military to academic life. The VSC provides educational benefits guidance, academic and psychological counseling, scholarship support, and other services. Or relax in our lounge area with coffee and snacks and connect with other members of our military-affiliated community at Mesa College. Come to the VSC in K-103!

DSPS Veterans Week

Receive Academic Counseling

Come to the VSC for academic counseling and speak to counselors who are trained to address the specific needs of our military-affiliated students utilizing VA Educational Benefits. Ask quick questions and receive counseling support Monday from 2 pm to 5 pm and Tuesday from 8 am to 11 am.

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The Student Veteran Handbook

For a comprehensive guide covering the requirements you will need to fulfill as a student veteran, please refer to the Student Veteran Handbook. Find admissions and benefits checklists, resources, and tips from previous student veterans to ensure you have the information you need to succeed as a college student.

Participate in the Veterans Internship Program (VIP)

Mesa VIP provides student veterans the benefit of gaining career-enhancing experience while providing financial incentives for successful completion of the internship program requirements. Student Veteran Learning Outcomes:

  • Express understanding of skills, values, and goals related to the internship experience.
  • Knowledge of career exploration through assessments, workshops, training, and experience.
  • Understanding daily operational tasks for successful employment.

Learn more about the Veterans Internship Program

Apply for Scholarships

There are various scholarship opportunities available for our military-affiliated students. Learn about the Mesa’s scholarship process and the different scholarships to see if you qualify and earn money to help cover the costs of college.

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Take Care of Your Health

Whether this is your first semester or you're a few months from graduation, the transition from the demands of military life to college can create a significant amount of stress. Our Student Health Services provide counseling and psychological services to help in your transition.

Learn more about Health Services at Mesa

Access Military-Affiliated Resources

With a vibrant military-affiliated community, San Diego is a hub for veteran and active duty support resources and services. Find community, state, and national military-affiliated resources to help you navigate college, apply for educational benefits, access free and low-cost healthcare, and more.

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Get to Know Our Military-Affiliated Community

Read the stories of some of our military-affiliated students and their military and educational journeys. See how they sought belonging on campus through their academic and extracurricular involvement and learn more about our military-affiliated community at Mesa.

Explore student veteran profiles

For Servicemembers Called to Service Away From San Diego

Military Withdraw

Servicemembers who have been deployed away from their installation during their course of studies may submit a letter requesting a late withdrawal due to military obligation with a copy of military orders or a letter from a commanding officer. This request can be submitted as soon as military orders are available or at your convenience upon return from military obligation.

Submit Request

  • If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our Vice President of Student Services Office. They can be reached at 619-388-2678.
  • We also advise that students meet with a counselor to discuss alternative options to an Excused Withdrawal to be sure that this choice is the best course of action for the student’s academic career.
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Servicemembers will maintain their student status if they are unable to attend classes and/or cannot complete their coursework due to service requirements that temporarily prohibit them from doing so. All servicemembers in such circumstances will be readmitted into their program of pursuit with no penalty.

  • If you have been away from taking classes from the San Diego Community College District for more than three (3) consecutive semesters, you will need to reapply to the college in order to re-active your account. Reapply to Mesa
    If you have any questions about your account’s standing, you can reach out to our Admissions Department, as well as our Veterans & Records Department at 619-388-2805 or
  • Once your account is reactivated, we advise that students meet with a counselor in order to decide if the catalog year rights from when you last attended or from the current year is the best course of action for the student’s academic career. 
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  • The exception to this process is if you were a part of one of our Special Admissions Programs (Dental Assisting, Health Information Management, Health Information Technology, Medical Assisting, Neurodiagnostic Technology, Phlebotomy, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, or Veterinary Technology). In this case, please contact our Special Admissions Office at 619-388-2684 to find about your particular program’s readmission process.