Former College Student

I'm a Former College Student

We're ready to help you build on the skills you gained in your previous higher education coursework. Whether you want to transfer to a four-year institution, complete a degree, or enhance the degree you already have, we will get you headed in the right direction.

1. Submit an Online Application

Our online application is free and open year-round! Mesa College uses CCCApply to provide you with a quick and easy way to apply to college. Plus, with our open enrollment policy, your admission is guaranteed. What are you waiting for?

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CCCApply Application Instructions

2. Create and Login to Your mySDCCD Portal

You will use your mySDCCD Portal throughout your time as a Mesa College student. Set up your account now to ensure that you'll be able to access registration dates, register for classes, and view important district information.

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*Note, you will need to wait for your application to process before creating a mySDCCD account. Applications can take up to 48 hours to process. If it's been more than 48 hours, submit a helpdesk ticket.

3. Apply for Financial Aid

Get help paying for college tuition and fees. Stop by the Mesa College Financial Aid Office (located in the Student Services Center, I4-107) or visit the financial aid webpage to learn more about how you can finance your education.

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4. Complete the Online Orientation

We encourage all new students to complete the online orientation to get better acquainted with our campus, learn about our programs, support services, and registration process.

Once completed, send your email confirmation to the Assessment Office along with your Mesa Student I.D. number at

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5. Clear Prerequisites and Submit College Transcripts and Passing (AP/CLEP/IB) Scores

To clear pre-requisites, email your unofficial transcripts to Mesa's Counseling office at with your name, college ID number, and class information.

To get credit for the courses you've already completed, submit official transcripts from all prior colleges to Once all transcripts are received, request an official evaluation via Mesa's Counseling Office.

Learn more about Mesa's transcript services

6. Attend a Pre-Registration Workshop or Meet With A Counselor

Attend a pre-registration workshop to create an Abbreviated Education Plan, learn about our various educational pathways, and find resources for registration.

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Students who have been enrolled in at least one semester at Mesa are eligible to meet with a counselor to create a long-term education plan.

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7. Register for Classes

Register and pay for classes through your mySDCCD portal account.

Learn how to register for classes

Setting Up Your Student Email

After registering, if you haven't already set up your student email, please do so. Remember, all formal college communications will be directed to this email.

Learn how to setup your student email

8. Prepare for Your First Day

Get ready to succeed at Mesa! Purchase your class textbooks and parking permit (if applicable), and pick up your ID card from the Admissions Office. 

9. Find Support

Whether you need academic support or are looking for more ways to get involved on campus, Mesa has the programs and services to keep you healthy, productive, and engaged. Utilize the Your Mesa Journey tool to find support that is tailored to your specific background and needs.

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