Receive and Maintain Your Financial Aid

Receive and Maintain Your Financial Aid

Once your financial aid is determined, you will receive an Award Letter with information about your financial aid package including your estimated offer and disbursement dates. You may check your award using your mySDCCD Student Portal under "View My Financial Aid."

Confirm Your Address or Direct Deposit Information

In order to receive your financial aid, it is important that you verify your mailing address in MySDCCD or sign up for Direct Deposit.

How to sign up for Direct Deposit

Learn About Enrollment and Refunds

The award amounts listed in your Award Letter are based on full time enrollment (12 units), however, you don't necessarily need to be a full-time student to receive aid. Unless you are in a specific program that requires full enrollment, your award will be prorated according to your enrollment level until the end of the "Add and Drop" period when classes become "locked" and the automated system sets your first disbursement for the semester.
View Financial Aid Disbursement Dates

Enrollment Levels for Fall, Spring, and Summer

Full Time: 12 units or above 100% of the award
Three Quarter Time: 9-11.5 units 75% of the award
Half Time: 6-8.5 units 50% of the award
Less Than Half Time: 0.5-5.5 units* 25% of the award or less depending on the EFC
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* Note that the Federal Pell Grant Program is the only Federal or State aid program that can be disbursed for students enrolled at Less Than Half-Time.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

To apply and remain eligible for financial aid, you will need to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). SAP is determined by your GPA as well as the pace and rate at which you successfully complete course units. Get to know the SAP requirements and learn about the SAP appeal process to ensure that you can keep your aid.

Learn more about how to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

Return to Title IV Policy

If you withdraw, drop out, are dismissed, or take a leave of absence, the Financial Aid Office is required to recalculate your financial aid eligibility for student aid programs covered by Title IV. These programs include the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), Federal Subsidized Loans, and PLUS Loans.

  1. If you withdraw after completing 60% of the term, you have earned 100% of the Title IV funds awarded.

    If your funds have yet to be fully disbursed at the time of calculation, you will receive a Post Withdrawal Disbursement notification letter informing you of the award eligibility, the amount that you are eligible to receive, the deadline to respond, and the instructions on how to accept the disbursement.

  2. If you withdraw from classes on or before the 60% point of the term, you may be required to repay the portion of the aid which is determined to be unearned. The calculation will determine the amount to be returned by you, Mesa, or both.

    If you are required to repay any unearned portion of the award disbursement, you will receive an email notification detailing the amount owed and the name of the program. You will have 45 calendar days from the date on the notification to repay the funds directly to the school. You will be ineligible for any additional Title IV funds until the repayment is resolved.

Repayment Exceptions:

  • Loan money will be repaid according to the terms and conditions of the loan promissory note.
  • Any wages paid to the student from the Federal Work Study program are wages earned and do not need to be paid back.