Office of Resource Development

Welcome to the Office of Resource Development!

Welcome to the Office of Resource Development at Mesa College, where our mission is to provide unwavering support to the college and its students by fostering community involvement, friendfraising, and fundraising initiatives.

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Our Purpose

The Office of Resource Development is dedicated to advancing the mission of the San Diego Mesa College and the San Diego Mesa College Foundation through strategic partnerships, friendraising, and fundraising.

What We Do

  1. We connect individual, corporate, and organizational donors to Mesa College's mission and students.
  2. We work closely with San Diego Mesa College Foundation Board members, College Administrators, Faculty, Classified Professionals, and students to establish and accomplish fundraising goals. 
  3. We support the growth of the campus and foundation across four focus areas:
    • Investing in Bright Futures by way of scholarships for students
    • Preserving Equitable Opportunity through equity initiatives, The Resiliency Fund, The Stand, and Financial Well-Being programs that deliver direct funds, food, clothes, and other support to students
    • Enriching through the Arts through stewardship of the World Arts Collection 
    • Funding Innovation by offering Innovation Grants for faculty and classified professionals and campus-wide support
  4. We assist schools, departments, and programs on campus by leveraging the San Diego Mesa College Foundation as a fiscal administrator that can facilitate philanthropic contributions and bridge campus need with the passions and generosity of the community. 
  5. We apply for grants and offer limited support for grant-seeking efforts across the campus.

Grant Seeking Support

The Office of Resource Development is able to offer limited to support for faculty, classified professionals, and adminsitrators who would like to pursue grant funding. For detailed information on San Diego Mesa College's grant-seeking process, please visit this link.

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation

The San Diego Mesa College Foundation (SDMCF) exists to break barriers, illuminate possibilities, empower minds, change lives, and enrich the community. Founded in 1976 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the foundation collaborates with San Diego Mesa College and dedicated members of the community to open pathways to a college education, ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds can realize their dreams for a brighter tomorrow.

Visit the Foundation's website here

How We Can Assist

Whether you are a Faculty Member, Classified Professional, Administrator, Student, Alumni, or Community Member wanting to get involved, here's how we can support you:

For Alumni or Community Members Wanting to Get Involved:

  1. We invite you to explore various avenues for involvement and engagement in our mission! Please consider joining us for a campus tour, volunteering, or giving back to support current and future Mesa students. Contact Krista at

For Faculty Members, Classified Professionals, or Administrators:

  1. We can provided support for your fundraising goals and efforts, including events, grantseeking, and requesting individual donations and sponsorships. 
  2. We can maintain a Foundation Program Account to help bridge your program's needs with the passions and generosity of the community.

For Mesa College Students:

  1. We are the folks who help garner support for a number of the programs and resources available across campus to enhance your academic journey through partnerships on campus.
  2. We would love to elevate your story and voice by offering you speaking opportunities and a platform to share your story! Contact Krista at

oFFICE OF Resource Develeopment STATEMENT of Commitment to Values

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

In the Office of Resource Development for San Diego Mesa College, we are committed to fostering a space that honors the rich tapestry of our diverse community. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is grounded in the belief that every individual brings a unique perspective and strength to our collective mission.

We recognize that our community is made up of people from various backgrounds, experiences, and identities, and we celebrate this diversity as a source of strength. Our fundraising team is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment where all voices are heard, valued, and respected. In our pursuit of our mission, we uphold the following community-centric philanthropic principles:

Read our full Statement here

more about our team

Krista Headshot

Krista Stellmacher, CFRE (she/her)

Ask Krista what has most shaped her career and she will say, “a passion for people and a drive to be useful.” As a seasoned non-profit leader and Certified Fundraising Executive currently serving the San Diego Mesa College and the San Diego Mesa College Foundation, she is fortunate to fulfill both purposes. Since 2010, she has worked alongside impassioned leaders from public, private, and non-profit sectors—as well as exceptionally dedicated community members—to create a more equitable San Diego. Krista’s "troupe" consists of herself, her young daughter Milan, (often) foster youth, and their rescue dog Pita.

After attending De Anza Community College her senior year in high school and spending a year traveling and working abroad, Krista graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in literature, writing from UC San Diego. She is currently enrolled at the Kroc School of Peace Studies to recieve a Masters of Arts in Social Innovation. She is also a Certified Fundraising Executive; obtained the Cornell graduate certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; graduated from the National University Institute of Philanthropy; is a San Diego Leadership Alliance Fellow and former Board Member; a fellow of the Fieldstone Leadership Network Leadership Reading Circle; a member of the former Women Give San Diego Transformational Committee and former Co-Chair of the Grants Committee; was a participant in the San Diego Chamber of Commerce's Lead IMPACT Class of 2019 and ADVANCE Class of 2023; and serves as a member of the leadership team for the American Association of Women in Community Colleges. 

Heidi Headshot

Heidi Brogren (she/her)

Heidi brings invaluable expertise and dedication to her role as Administrative Technician at the San Diego Mesa College Foundation, where she has been a vital part of our team since 2021. A proud alumnus of Mesa College and a native San Diegan, Heidi's roots run deep in the community where she was born and raised. Currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Business Administration at San Diego State University, Heidi exemplifies a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. Her passion for supporting Mesa College students in their endeavors is evident in her daily work, where she strives to ensure their success in every possible way.

With a diverse background and a natural talent for administration operations and interpersonal communication, Heidi seamlessly navigates through various tasks and responsibilities. From fostering donor relationships to overseeing fiscal management and coordinating campus events, Heidi's contributions to the team are boundless. Her versatility allows her to excel in any role assigned to her, making her an indispensable asset to the Foundation. In her role, Heidi embodies the spirit of service and dedication, consistently going above and beyond to meet the needs of both the Foundation and the students it supports. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her genuine passion for making a difference make her an invaluable member of the San Diego Mesa College Foundation team.

Amanda Headshot

Amanda Brown (she/they)

Originally hailing from Dallas, Texas, Amanda embarked on an academic journey that led them to pursue a dual Bachelor's degree in Biology and Liberal Studies with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies from Oklahoma State University, graduating with distinction in May 2018. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a passion for social change, Amanda made the decision to relocate to California to pursue further studies at San Diego State University. Despite the challenges posed by a global pandemic, Amanda earned their Master of Arts degree in Women’s and Gender Studies in May 2021, showcasing resilience, determination, and academic excellence throughout their graduate school journey.

Fuelled by a desire to make a tangible impact in their community, Amanda transitioned into the non-profit development sphere, finding a home within the Resource Development team at San Diego Mesa College. In this role, Amanda brings together their academic background, research skills, and commitment to equity to support the San Diego Mesa College Foundation's mission and enhance its fundraising efforts. With a blend of academic rigor, real-world experience, and a deep-seated dedication to advocacy, Amanda is poised to make a meaningful difference in the realm of non-profit development. Their journey from Texas to California exemplifies a spirit of adventure, resilience, and unwavering commitment to creating positive change in the world.