Land Acknowledgement

San Diego Mesa College Land Acknowledgement

We, at San Diego Mesa College, acknowledge that the land we occupy is unceded territory of the Kumeyaay people, indigenous to this region from time immemorial.

The Kumeyaay people continue to demonstrate strength in their ability to surmount generational trauma, which started with the injustices of colonization and continues to this day.

The relationship of the Kumeyaay people with the land underlies their strong commitment to protect the land, preserve their heritage, and work for balance and harmony.

This land acknowledgment is our commitment to honor the Kumeyaay people and to establish a relationship with them based on truth and mutual respect.

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The second Monday of every October is a recognized national holiday and a day to celebrate the diverse and beautiful cultures of the First Nations peoples native to this land. This celebration is an opportunity for the Mesa Community to counteract the brutal and violent history that came with the arrival of European explorers and settlers. 

Over the past years, the members of the CDAIE Professional Learning Subcommittee have collaboratively worked on creating a Land Acknowledgement for San Diego Mesa College. Our group of faculty members, Deans, Community members and Professional Learning team have conducted several meetings and brainstorming sessions towards this project. Members attended various workshops and trainings, reviewed multiple resources, and drafted the college’s first Land Acknowledgement. The team was also in collaboration with other colleagues at Miramar College, City College, and the District towards this noble project. 

Additionally various groups on campus such as the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and Associated Students have provided valuable input to the Land Acknowledgement. In addition, we have collaborated with Kumeyaay Council members (Chairwoman Erica Pinto, Councilman Johnny Elliot) and representatives from the Tribal Liaison at San Diego State University.

It is important to note that our Land Acknowledgement is also paired with a Restorative Action Plan. Our intentions are to back up our words with actions that bring about systemic change at the college.

San Diego Mesa College's Restorative Action Plan


  • San Diego Mesa College Committee for Diversity Action, Inclusion & Equity (CDAIE)
  • CDAIE - Professional Learning Subcommittee
  • Dr. Judy Sundayo
  • President Pamela Luster
  • President Ashanti Hands
  • Linda Gibbins-Croft
  • Tribal Liaison at San Diego State University.
  • Chairwoman Erica Pinto
  • Councilman Johnny Elliot