Institutional Research
7250 Mesa College Drive
Administration Building, Suite 109
San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 619-388-2509

Hai Hoang, ALM
Dean,Institutional Effectiveness
  • Nancy Cortés, M.A
    Acting Associate Dean,
    Research and Planning 

Kyung Ae Jun, MBA 
Research and Planning Analyst

Sahar M King, Ed.D.Candidate
Administrative Assistant IV 

institutional Research


Welcome to the Mesa College Research Office web page!

Vision: To Support The Leading College Of Equity And Excellence by inspiring a culture of equity-minded action research, reflection, and inquiry.

Who we are

IE office Our mission is to build a culture of inquiry and foster data-informed decision making by providing research services, expertise, and coaching to the Mesa campus community in support of the college’s institutional effectiveness. The Mesa College Research Office conducts a variety of research activities in support of the college’s mission, strategic directions, and initiatives, and responds to ad hoc research and consultation requests from the campus community.
We are members of the Research and Planning (RP) Group for the California Community Colleges, and our work is guided by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) Code of Ethics and Professional Practices and the American Evaluation Association Guiding Principles for Evaluators.


  1. Make data accessible, interactive, actionable, and widely distributed.
    • Report Warehouse
    • Tableau Dashboards
  2. Integrate equity-minded inquiry and planning into existing systems.
    • Guided Pathways
    • Program Review
    • Integrated Student Success Plan
  3. Develop a coalition of action researchers dedicated to equity-minded inquiry.
    • Flex Workshops/Professional Learning
    • Faculty-led Department Research Projects

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What We Do

We provide research consulting, support, facilitation, and technical assistance to college faculty, staff, administrators, and students. In addition, we provide research support and reporting for accountability reporting efforts related to accreditation, federal requirements, grants, and statewide initiatives.

To support data-informed decision making across the college, we provide a number of specific services, including:

  • Research Design
  • Program/project Evaluation
  • Program Review research support
  • Survey Design and programming
  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Workshops and training on various topics related to research and institutional effectiveness
  • College-wide research for institutional planning

Research FAQS

How do I request research services?

To request research services, please complete a Request for Research Services form and schedule a meeting with the Campus Based Researcher. If you would like assistance completing the form, please contact the Research Office at 619-388-2319.

How are research projects prioritized?

Mesa Institutional EffectivenessWe aim to serve the entire campus community and meet the needs of all campus research requests. The research office manages several projects at any given time, and uses a few guidelines to prioritize research projects. College-wide research projects that inform college plans, such as the strategic plan, equity plan, SSSP plan, and basic skills plan, are among those most highly prioritized. Accreditation, accountability, and compliance reporting are also among the highly prioritized projects. Ad hoc requests for research are prioritized based on variety of factors, including:

  • Relevant external deadlines (e.g., grant reporting or application deadlines)
  • Intended use of research results
  • Relation to college mission and strategic directions/initiatives

Each research request is unique, and we will do our best to provide you with the research support you need in a timely manner.

Where can I find information on our college student population?

The SDCCD Office of Institutional Research and Planning provides a number of reports on students in each of the three SDCCD credit colleges as well as Continuing Education. Among these are the SDCCD student profiles reports, available here, SDCCD Facts on File, available here, and the Mesa College Fact Book, available here.

lizard at mesaWhere does the data come from?

Depending on the project, the data for the study may come from a number of different sources. Many times our projects rely on data in the SDCCD information system, which includes information on student demographics, enrollment, achievement, as well as courses and class sections. Transfer data is typically obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse. Other data may come from surveys conducted with faculty, staff, students, and/or community members. Our reports and presentations reference the specific data sources utilized for each project.