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I highly recommend MOST coaching! The coaches are fun and knowledgeable, and I received invaluable tools in a low-pressure environment that was individualized for my teaching approach. I walked away from the 20-minute coaching session with amazing tips, strategies, and practices that I implemented right away into my Canvas shells. - Prof. Marie Alfonsi (ENGL)

Coaching Options

🤩Drop-In Coaching w/ Cara - Fridays @ 9:30a - 10:30a
Meet Cara and get your questions answered. No need to schedule this time in advance. Cara's MOST Coaching Zoom

✨New! Pre-scheduled Coaching w/ MOST
Use our new MOST Bookings Calendar to book an appointment with a MOST coach. We'd love to meet you and share teaching ideas with you! Book an appointment with a MOST Coach.

💡Also New! 3-IDeas Asynchronous Coaching w/ MOST
MOST understands that finding time to meet synchronously poses challenges, so we've created 3-IDeas, an opportunity to get instructional design (ID) ideas asynchronously from our MOST coaches. Learn more and sign-up for 3-IDeas.

All MOST Coaches: All of our team members are available to meet with Mesa colleagues individually by appointment to share ideas and provide online teaching support. You can find our team members in the Outlook directory to schedule individual appointments via email or book an appointment using the Booking link above.

If you aren't sure who to contact, but you know you need a helping hand:

  • Email MOST @ 
  • Contact the 24/7 Canvas Helpdesk (via phone or chat). 844-612-7422


juan bernal 

Juan Bernal

Hi everyone! My name is Juan U Bernal and I am a faculty member at Mesa’s Mathematics Department. I am a huge fan of course redesign and various modalities of instruction, including online learning. I have been teaching my statistics course online for the past 3 years and it has been an absolute blast. Teaching online is no easy task but I love working together with faculty so that we can learn together in humanizing and supporting students online. I am excited to join this amazing team, temporarily, and don’t hesitate to reach out! 
Coaching hours: You'll find me in our SDCCD Outlook directory to make an appointment via email.

Christina Crosby

Christina Crosby

Hi there! I’m officially housed in Mesa’s Psychology Department and teach courses that range from General Psychology to Research Methods to Statistics. Every single course is unique, whether it is in the same or different discipline; thus, each presents its own opportunities and challenges – which just means that all can amazing in their own way! Before returning to school for psychological science, I initially studied graphic design and advertising, which are skills I now like to draw upon to design approachable and accessible course materials and online course layouts. I always enjoy thinking about and trying out new ideas to make things better ...and so look forward to working with you as you seek to do the same!
Coaching hours: You'll find me in our SDCCD Outlook directory to make an appointment via email.

Tasha frankie

Tasha Frankie

Hi! I teach Computer & Information Sciences - I can help you debug the HTML behind the Canvas Rich Text Editor. I'm a fan of improving courses based on research related to teaching and learning. When you look at my courses, you'll find me using Canvas features in ways they weren't designed, so that I can provide a better learning experience to students. A few years ago, I introduced new authentic assessments to my classes, and realized that I no longer needed tests because the authentic assessments gave me better insight into what students understood. Students love not having tests, and I find they also work harder and learn more when engaging with authentic assessments. Plus, with authentic assessments in online classes, I don't need to worry about proctoring tests! Recently, I converted my courses to standards-based grading, to change the emphasis from earning points to learning course concepts.
 Coaching hours: Tuesdays 10a - 12p use the Bookings calendar to book.

mariam kushkaki

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Hello! I’m Mariam Kushkaki, an English instructor at San Diego Mesa College. I’m fortunate to be part of an incredible team of colleagues at Mesa who have helped shape how I’ve re-designed my classes for asynchronous and remote settings, and I’m happy to share those practices with you. I’m a big fan of simple, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing Canvas shells, so if that’s something you’re interested in--or if you need support with presenting content, creating design elements, or streamlining the Canvas experience for students--let me know!
Coaching hours: You'll find me in our SDCCD Outlook directory to make an appointment via email.

kim lacher

Kim Lacher

👋 Hi! I have been teaching in the English Department here at Mesa for 11 years (online for 6).  I believe that with equitable and inclusive online instruction, we have the opportunity to give all students access to spaces where they can be engaged, challenged, and successful.  I'm passionate about humanizing my online courses and removing barriers that keep students from thriving.  I love learning from my colleagues about the best ways to do this, and I am thrilled to be a part of MOST so that I can share this knowledge with you.
Coaching hours: You'll find me in our SDCCD Outlook directory to make an appointment via email.

larry molmud

Larry MolmudMy name is Larry Molmud and I teach Web Usability as an Adjunct Faculty for the School of Business Technology. Currently, I am serving the faculty of San Diego Mesa College as your Online Accessibility Mentor for Fall 22-Spring 23. I have been teaching at Mesa 100% online since 2016. For the past 25 years, I have worked as a Senior Technical Product and Project Manager for a series of technical organizations, mostly around Leaning and Content Management systems (LMS and CMS). Much of this work involved Accessibility compliance and Mobile design principles, and I hope these experiences will inform and guide our current teaching platforms and I hope to share what I have learned with others. I look forward to working with all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me via email for any questions or an ad hoc appointment as needed at

katie palacios

Katie Palacios

Greetings! I am fortunate to be the instructional designer in the Mesa LOFT, where I support our professional learning offerings across the campus. I've taught online Computer Business Technology and Web Design classes, and I occasionally facilitate courses for @ONE. There is no "easy button" for teaching online successfully. I think it's a magical combination of inclusive course design, relationship-building with our students, an acceptance that we'll never get it exactly right, and a willingness to keep learning and trying again. But I believe that open, humanized online education has the power to transform the lives of our students, and that is why I engage in this difficult work. How awesome to be part of team at Mesa engaged in this difficult work together!
Coaching hours: Mondays 11a - 12p and Wednesdays 10a - 11a. Use the Bookings calendar to book.

cara smulevitz

Cara Smulevitz

Hi there 👋 I'm Cara (pronounced like this:  🚗+ ah). I've been at Mesa since 2016, but I've been an Art History Professor for almost two decades. I specialize in Modern and Contemporary Art. I've also served as Mesa's Online Faculty mentor since 2019. I enjoy working with seasoned online faculty as well as new-to-online folks. I love helping my colleagues find ways to prioritize student success and engagement in their online courses, and I'm really excited to be part of Mesa's Online Success Team! 
Coaching hours: Friday drop-ins welcome from 9:30a - 10:30a in Cara's MOST Coaching Zoom.

kelly spoon

Kelly Spoon

I am a math faculty member who is passionate about professional learning and online teaching. I teach fully online, hybrid, and fully on-campus classes and enjoy leveraging technology to engage and connect with my students in all modalities. Currently I'm redesigning my online precalculus class to use standards-based grading, open educational resources, and universal design for learning. Coaching hours: Thursdays 11a - 1p use the Bookings calendar to book.