Campus Employee Learning Committee



Campus Employee Learning Committee
Campus Employee Learning Committee

Campus Employee Learning Committee


The purpose of the Campus Employee Learning Committee (CEL) is to oversee the use of professional development fiscal resources for event programming and the use of The LOFT.  CEL also supports the work of other campus groups with their professional development activities and guides the work of its sub-committees.  CEL evaluates the professional development activities conducted during the year and reports outcomes to the campus.

Type: Operational

Reports to: President's Cabinet (PCAB)

Meets: The CEL committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the LOFT  |  View Agendas & Minutes



  1. Establish and implement professional learning funding request process
  2. Align professional learning subcommittees
  3. Support professional learning across the campus

Membership 2018-2019

  • (1) Dean of Learning Resources & Academic Support
    (1) Campus Professional Learning Coordinator
  • Andy MacNeill
    Dean, Learning Resources & Academic Support
  • Janue Johnson
    Campus Professional Learning Coordinator
  • (1) Instructional Designer
    (1) Instructional Lab Technician
    (1) MT2C Representative
  • Katie Palacios
    Instructional Designer
  • Todd Williamson
    Instructional Lab Technician
  • Mark Manasse
    MT2C Representative
  • (1) Senior Clerical Assistant
    (1) Campus Event Staff
  • Eva Parrill
    Senior Clerical Assistant, LOFT
  • Maggie Haddad
    Administrative Technician, Administrative Services
  • (1) Mesa Foundation Representative
    (1) Deans' Council Representative
  • Krista Stellmacher
    Mesa Foundation Representative
  • Andy MacNeill
    Deans' Council Representative
  • (1) Program Review Committee Representative
    (1) CDAIE Representative
    (1) COA Representative
    (1) SSEC Representative
    (1) Mesa IT Committee Representative
  • Madeleine Hinkes
    Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Program Review Representative
  • Judy Sundayo
    Professor, Counseling, CDAIE Representative
  • Kris Clark
    Professor, Drama, COA Representative
  • Larry Maxey
    Dean, Student Success & Equity, SSEC Representative
    Mesa IT Committee Representative
  • (1) Academic Senate Representative
    (1) Classified Senate Representative
  • Erika Higginbotham
    Coordinator, DSPS, Academic Senate Representative
  • Trina Larson
    Administrative Secretary, Student Services, Classified Senate Representative
  • (1) District Professional Development Representative
  • Clark Wilson
    District Professional Development Representative
  • (1) Humanities Institute Representative
    (1) Basic Skills Representative
  • George Ye
    Faculty, Drama, Humanities Institute Representative
  • Wendy Smith
    Faculty, English, Basic Skills Representative
  • (1) HSI/V Professional Learning Coordinator
    (1) HSI/III Professional Learning Coordinator
    Faculty, Fine Art, HSI/V Professional Learning Coordinator
  • Jennifer Carmichael
    Faculty, Biology, HSI/III Professional Learning Coordinator
  • (1) Conference and Travel Co-chair
    (1) Classified Professional Learning Co-chair
    (1) Faculty Professional Learning Co-chair
    (1) Management Professional Learning Co-chair
    Conference and Travel Co-chair
  • Leanne Kunkee
    Production Services Assistant, CPL Co-chair
    FPL Co-chair
    MPL Co-chair

Additional Information

Please visit our Professional Learning Training and Events page for current Professional Learning opportunities.

CEL Meetings in 2018-2019 Academic Year are: Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 15, Feb 28, Apr 25, May 23

CEL Webpage Representative:  Todd Williamson

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