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Real Estate Program

Ready to get your real estate license and begin working as an agent or broker? Learn how to navigate the multifaceted real estate industry through real estate license courses at San Diego Mesa College. Mesa College’s Real Estate program will help you build a career that goes far beyond buying and selling properties. You will gain the skills to act as a guide and financial advisor and learn to provide not only future projections of property value, but promises of security and peace of mind for your clients. You will practice the legal and ethical principles of commercial and residential real estate and gain a comprehensive understanding of the field from faculty who have first-hand experience working in the dynamic industry. Through their guidance and the foundation in business practices you will gain from your economics, finance, and communication courses, you will be prepared to weather any of the field’s challenges as you earn your real estate license and begin your real estate career or continue your education at another institution. As a real estate professional, you can work in various fields including residential and/or commercial real estate, business sales, property management, and/or appraisals. Find your home in Mesa’s Real Estate Program!

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