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Industry Advisory Committees

San Diego Mesa College's diverse Career Education programs provide students with hands-on training to build the comprehensive skills they need for success in the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Our Career Education programs are closely tied with our regional partners through Career Education Industry Advisory Committees. Industry Advisory Committees (IACs) play an essential role in our programs by:

  • Evaluating program curriculum for alignment with current industry needs and future trends,
  • Sharing expertise and advice on industry-standard materials, methods, technology, and software, and
  • Bridging classroom learning with real-world training to support student success.
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Advisory Committee Functions

  1. To study the educational needs of a specific occupational program and to make recommendations to the College program faculty and administration relating to these needs. Such recommendations may be included in the program's academic program review.
  2. To interpret the program to the communities served and the communities' needs to the College.
  3. To furnish specialized information and advice on technical requirements for the effective operation of the program.
  4. To provide channels of communication between the College and the various organizations and agencies of the community interested in the program.
  5. To further a cooperative relationship between the College and the resource agencies of the community in support of the program.
  6. To monitor, document, and discuss how students are progressing toward the competencies, objectives, and student learning outcomes identified for the particular program(s).
  7. To support a diverse workforce through the development and maintenance of a strong student pipeline from education and training to employment.