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San Diego Mesa College’s dedicated Music faculty and staff members support students’ success and foster collective growth and improvement across our campus community. Discover what it means to prioritize equity and excellence and get to know your program’s expert faculty and staff.

Adjunct Offices:

C-211                                                         619-388-2217 

C-212                                                         619-388-2216

C-215                                                         619-388-2220

C-216                                                         619-388-2221

Recording Studio:

C-222                                                         619-388-2225 (Calls out only)

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School of Arts and Languages

School of
Arts & Languages

Leslie Shimazaki
Leslie Shimazaki Dean School of Arts & Languages G-201
N. Scott Robinson
N. Scott Robinson, Ph.D. Chair, Music Department Coordinator, Applied Music Program 619-388-5956 C-214
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