Child Development

Child Development Program

Ready to make a lasting impact in a child's life? Mesa College’s Child Development classes will help you make a difference, as you prepare for rewarding child development jobs and careers with children. While each new generation differs from the one before it in its needs and characteristics, the early childhood development courses at Mesa College will help you address children’s diverse physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs so you can better facilitate their future success. With opportunities to participate in student teaching and child observation, you will partake in experiential learning that will hone your problem-solving skills and prepare you to design inclusive, multicultural curricula with age-appropriate activities. Whether you have your own children that you wish to better understand or desire to meet the California licensing requirements to work in centers, schools, and homes as a teacher, administrator, or supervisor of children, Mesa College’s Child Development program will guide you toward your personal and professional goals, defining the quality of tomorrow’s future as you nurture society’s newest politicians, teachers, and artists.

Ready to take your next step towards one of many rewarding careers with children? Here are some frequently asked questions about Mesa College’s Child Development program.

Program Learning Outcomes


At San Diego Mesa College, this program is overviewed by an Advisory Committee.

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Cassandra Storey
Cassandra Storey Dean School of Health Services & Public Service
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Ida Cross Department Chair, Child Development
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