Architecture Program

Ready to begin your career in architecture? Mesa College’s Architecture and Environmental Design program provides the framework and multidisciplinary studies you need to build your career in architecture and design. While engaging in courses that will help you develop your hand drafting, drawing, model building, and computer skills, as well as the research and analytical skills required in the profession, you will theorize about the ways your work can impact and improve the lives of those who interact with it. The integration of sustainable design principles continues to be an extension of the Architecture program's holistic, collaborative design approach, and as you work closely with the program's expert faculty to ensure innovative, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable design, you will unlock your potential to create not only better infrastructure, but brighter futures. Whether you begin your career in architecture after completing the Associate Degree program or transfer to a four-year accredited school of architecture, Mesa College’s Architectural Design program will help you lay the foundation that supports your success.

Here are some frequently asked questions about our Architectural Design program and how to become an Architect:

Program Learning Outcomes

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