American Sign Language / Interpreting

American Sign Language / Interpreting Program

See what your ASL Certificate and studies can translate into! Mesa College’s American Sign Language program will open your eyes to the rich and multifaceted culture that surrounds ASL and the deaf and hard of hearing community and put you on the path toward becoming a sign language interpreter. As you experience the values, norms, and perspectives of those who use the language, you will gain a deeper understanding of the different ways people communicate, and learn from a range of human experiences that may differ from your own. The program’s updated courses in signing and interpretation reflect the changing needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community and are designed to instill you with the confidence to communicate within and beyond the classroom. Whether you earn your ASL Certificate and begin your career following the program, or continue your education at another institution, your ASL education from Mesa College will prepare you to be a champion for diversity and understanding throughout all of your educational and professional pursuits.

Ready to learn more about a career in American Sign Language? Below are some frequently asked questions about the benefits of getting your American Sign Language Degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

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