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STEM Instructional Support Supervisor


Patricia Rodriguez
STEM Counselor

Maria Poblete 

Project Assistant



Yasmin Alkabbani

Project Assistant


STEM Center
STEM Center
We have both in-person and online tutoring as well as counseling available at the STEM Center!

the virtual stem center:

STEM In-Person tutoring:
  • Available Monday through Thursday, 10:30AM - 3:30PM
  • Click here to view the Spring 2024 In-Person Tutoring Schedule or visit at

STEM Peer Mentoring:

STEM Counseling:
    • Virtual: Tuesday (5PM - 7PM) in the Virtual STEM Center
    • In-Person: Wednesday (10AM - 12PM) & Thursday (11AM - 2PM) in the STEM Center (LRC 1st floor)
      STEM Counseling SP24

We are located on the first floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC-115). Our services are provided free to all Mesa College students; just remember to bring your student ID card!

If you are a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) major or taking a course in a STEM discipline you are strongly encouraged to visit the STEM Center. We are a space where STEM students  engage with one-another for tutoring, mentoring, studying, workshops, researching, and much more!

The STEM Center is funded by the HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) Title III STEM Conexiones Grant (GAN# P031C160227) and Title III STEM E3 Grant (GAN# P031C210022) which seeks to increase the retention rate of Hispanic and low-income students in STEM disciplines.

Available Resources


STEM Counseling

STEM Counseling is available at the STEM Center!* No appointment is needed. Ask our STEM Counselor, Patricia Rodriguez questions on transfer opportunities, career advising, university transfer requirements, and more! 15-20 min sessions are available on a first come, first served basis. Our counseling hours are located on the left sidebar. 

*Hour-long counseling sessions are available by appointment only in the Mesa Counseling Center.


Computer Access

Do your classes require computer access? We have desktop computers and laptops are available for check out. Our desktop computers have STEM software such as MATLAB and codeblocks installed. To check out a laptop bring your student ID and ask one of our Instructional Assistants at the front desk.


STEM Tutoring

Having trouble with a STEM course? Visit the STEM Center to get specialized help with your course materials. Tutors are trained professionals and can help in a variety of disciplines. View our tutoring schedule to see available subjects and check walk-in hours. Our tutoring hours are located on the left sidebar.  

To learn more about general tutoring visit the Mesa Tutoring and Computing Centers website


Large Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a great study tool and help create a collaborative environment during tutoring sessions. Large whiteboards are available all over the STEM Center and whiteboard markers can be checked out at our front desk.


STEM Workshops

The STEM Center is a great space for small workshops! On campus clubs and chapters such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, the Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanos and Native Americans in Science and the Computer Science Club, have hosted workshops in the STEM Center.  

For more info on space reservation contact our STEM Instructional Support Supervisor at (619) 388-2257


Textbook Collection

Need a textbook? Check if we have what you need in the STEM Center by viewing the list of titles in our collection. Textbooks may be used during our hours of operation within our facility. Our textbook collection has been made possible through student and faculty textbook donations. Thank you!  

For more information about our collection and donations talk to one of our Instructional Assistants at reception


Science Models

Are you having trouble with a science concept? The STEM Center has science models that can be used to visualize, understand, learn and analyze concepts. With a selection ranging from a amino acid genetics to a human skeleton make sure to check out the list of our available science models.


Study Tables

Need to study? Our group study tables provide the perfect setting to collaborate on a project or to prepare with a group for an exam. The tables located by the back of the center have flat screen monitors which can be hooked up to a laptop via HDMI cable. The tables also have USB and power outlet ports!



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