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 STEM Peer Mentor Program

spring 2021

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MEET THE spring 2021 stem peer mentors

Edmund (Eddy) Kapelczak
Bio / Video
Edmund Kapelczak
Saba Parsamehr
Alexander (Alex) Ngo
Alexander Ngo
Essam Isha
Bio / Video
Essam Isha
Jonathan (Jon) Knapp
Jonathan Knapp
Marcel Clark
Marcel Clark
Grace Gonzales
Isabella Fiorini
Isabella Fiorini
Harrison Glazebrook


  • Click here to watch a testimonial by Anahí Méndez, Fall 2020 Peer Mentor Program participant.
  • Being able to talk to someone, who recently took the class made it easier to ask them for help and made the class seem less scary and achievable (Spring 2020).
  • I appreciate them so much. I go to every single peer mentoring session and I wouldn't be as successful as I am in physics if it weren't for their guidance! (Spring 2020).
  • Being able to work through the problems myself with the guidance of the peer mentor and establishing a strong sense of community was the most valuable aspect of my experience with the Peer Mentoring Program (Fall 2019).
  • We were never given answers directly, just challenged and guided towards looking for errors within our own work, this helped me tremendously when it came time to do homework or work on projects as I was able to catch myself and correct mistakes much more often (Spring 2019).



about the program

The STEM Peer Mentoring program was piloted in the Fall of 2018 under the HSI Title III Grant initiative with the goal of supporting STEM students in the STEM courses that have low success rates such as BIOL 210A, CHEM 200 & 201, PHYS 195 & 196, MATH 150, 151 & 252. The STEM Peer Mentoring program aims to build a community of STEM majors and faculty that can support each other in their academic and professional goals. The intended outcome of this program is that students are more successful in their STEM classes and successfully move forward along their STEM pathway with increased confidence and motivation.

TEM Peer mentors are enthusiastic and supportive students who are STEM majors, successful in their academic courses, actively engage in campus activities, and knowledgeable about the resources related to the subject they mentor.

  • Students in Peer Mentor sessions receive combined assistance from Peer Mentors and Faculty Liaisons who work collaboratively with students outside of classroom time;
  • Peer Mentor sessions are concept-based rather than specific problem based (e.g. A Math Tutor may spend 5 minutes helping a student who is stuck on Math 150 homework, whereas a Peer Mentor will be reviewing all topics in chapter 3 of Math 150).
  • Peer Mentors have pre-made review materials that were created by their Faculty Liaisons that they can walk students through;
  • Peer Mentors work in higher level subjects (typically 150-200+ level);
  • Peer Mentors focus on only one or two courses, and are specialists in them. Peer Mentors offer tips on how to study for tests, read the textbooks, manage study time, prepare study guides, etc. (e.g. David is a Math tutor, Marcel is a MATH 150 Peer Mentor).
  • Peer Mentor Faculty Liaisons work individually with Peer Mentors on a weekly basis to help them prepare their weekly sessions with students.


STEM Peer Mentor Program Coordinator
Physics Professor Irena Stojimirovic
Irena Stojimirovic
STEM Instructional Support Supervisor
Brian Mackus (LRC-126)
Brian Mackus
STEM Center Educational Technician
Maria Teresa Poblete (LRC-115)
Maria P
HSI Grants Program Manager
Leticia Lopez (LRC-461)
Leticia Lopez
HSI Grants Administrative Technician
Ikuko McAnally (LRC-462)
Ikuko McAnally
HSI Grants Project Assistant
Fabiola Beas (LRC-463)
Fabiola Beas