Teacher Education Deber Scholars - San Diego Mesa College

Chloe (Nhi) Vu


Nhi Vu

I am excited to be a part of Mesa Pathways Fellows to help students who are, just like me, trying our best to figure out our right paths. I am a proud first-generation graduate from San Diego Mesa College with an Associate Degree in Business Administration and a Certificate of Achievement in Accounting. I am currently attending San Diego State University’s Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree program, with an emphasis in Accounting.

I was born and raised in Vietnam, then immigrated to the States when I was 19 years old. As an immigrant, I struggled a lot with the differences between two cultures, and language barrier was the hardest obstacle. Fortunately, while I was enrolling at Mesa, professors and faculty were extremely helpful of guiding me to overcome my obstacles. Additionally, other students also showed me more tools and resources that were useful for them. That is mainly the reason why I chose to get involved in the Fellow program to utilize my student experiences and help students achieve their goals.

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