Nutrition Program

Are you ready for a career in nutrition? Mesa College’s Nutrition program courses explore the scientific principles of nutrition as it applies to health and diseases to help you prepare for jobs in the dietetics or nutrition fields. An apple a day likely won’t keep the doctor away - and while some aspects of our health are outside our control, Mesa College’s Nutrition program ensures that by being mindful of the food we eat, we can learn to support healthier living. In addition to implementing informed diets that are sensitive to different lifestyles and cultures, the program will help you deliver fitness recommendations of all kinds that accommodate people's unique level of ability. With the opportunity to supplement coursework with participation in nutrition and food service activities in healthcare facilities (upon completion of a background check), you will develop a scientific approach to food that utilizes new technologies to measure nutritional intake. Not everyone has access to a high-quality education, accessible food, or has been taught to prioritize their health; however, through courses in Mesa College’s Nutrition program, you will be one step closer to helping others reach their health goals in your career as a registered dietitian and/or as you continue your education at another institution.

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