Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems Program

Ready to take a step toward a GIS career? San Diego Mesa College’s GIS program helps pave the way toward a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certification and a rewarding career in geospatial technologies. The GIS program equips you with the tools to analyze regions and gain meaning from the patterns, relationships, and connections that you observe in the world around you. Using industry standard GIS and remote sensing applications and software, you will learn how to capture, analyze, and display different information, taking advantage of new technological innovations in satellite imagery and global positioning systems (GPS) to create digital maps. The GIS program will also provide you with the opportunity to supplement your coursework with internships, giving you the experiene needed to succeed as a GIS technician. Whether you begin your career following your time in the GIS program or continue your education at another institution, you will find yourself with a comprehensive understanding of the GIS field, technical skills desired by our regional workforce, and a readiness to address many of our future social, economic, and environmental issues.

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At San Diego Mesa College, this program is overviewed by an Advisory Committee.

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