Fermentation Program

Mesa College’s Fermentation Management program is one of just a few of its kind in the nation dedicated to teaching you the history of fermentation, as well as the fundamentals of brewing, distilling, and wine making. With a foundation in business, customer service, and standards of hospitality, the program’s courses will provide you with the qualifications to start your own small business or assume a leadership role in an already established company. After completing your fermentation management courses, you will be one step closer to a career as a brewer, wine maker, distiller, tap room manager, winery manager, distributor, beverage writer, beverage manager, or another position. You will learn the many transformative possibilities of food science and gain a thorough understanding of the unique flavors, textures, digestion benefits, and preservation methods that fermentation processes facilitate. The opportunity you will have to participate in work experience courses will help you gain confidence in your technical skills and ensure your readiness for your career in the fermentation and beverage industry, and/or as you continue your education at another institution.

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Program Learning Outcomes

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