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Enroll in English courses at Mesa College and take the first step toward your English Degree and rewarding careers in journalism, education, writing, advertising, law, business, government, and so much more. In addition to providing you with a comprehensive view of historically canonized texts across English and American traditions, Mesa College's English program will provide you with the opportunity to explore lesser-studied authors and traditions across many diverse composition and literature courses. Whether you want to take multicultural studies classes within Chicana/o or Black Studies, or specialize in the work of women authors, the program will help you tailor your English education to your unique areas of interest. Guided every step of the way by expert faculty, you will gain the skills to effectively compose your ideas and communicate across various genres from fiction, to creative nonfiction, and poetry. As you earn your English Associate Degree, prepare to transfer to another institution, or pursue your other academic goals, you will be able to apply the expanded worldview and critical thinking skills gained from your English classes to deepen any course of study.

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Program Learning Outcomes

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School of Health Sciences and Public Service

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Linda Hensley
Linda Hensley Dean School of Humanities G-201
Wendy Smith
Wendy Smith Chair, English Department School of Humanities 619-388-2347 G-333
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