Dance Program

Five, six, seven, eight…Ready to learn more about a career in the world of dance? Do you want to move with greater agility and flexibility? San Diego Mesa College’s Dance program introduces you to a unique mode of artistic expression and study that paves the way toward a Dance Certificate, Degree, and a fulfilling career in dance. Take part in the program's nurturing and fun environment, with supportive dance educators who will meet you at your unique level of ability and create spaces where you can feel safe to explore the capabilities of your body. Our demanding technical dance classes and rewarding exploration classes in theory, history, and choreography will provide you with the opportunity to explore the creation of movement as a rich part of the fabric and culture of our world. Diverse dance courses, including ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, tap, belly dance, ballroom, Latin Dance, and other dance forms will instill you with a global awareness and appreciation for different cultures’ contributions that extends far beyond the art form. By joining Mesa College’s vibrant dance community, you will also have the opportunity to participate in choreographed performances and presentations with your talented peers. See how the Dance Program helps you tap into your potential as a mover and take your first step toward a professional dance career or your continued education at another dance college in California and beyond.

Move with us!

Many opportunities to share your passion for movement:

Classes for all levels of dancer! Beginning to Advanced

So many styles! Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern/Contemporary, Latin,  Improvisation

Grow your dance knowledge: History of Dance and Choreography

Show your talent and hard work on stage: Audition and Perform

Belong!   Become!   Believe!   MESA DANCE

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Program Learning Outcomes

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