STEM Scholars
STEM Scholars

About the Program


The San Diego Mesa College STEM Community Scholars Program is designed to increase the number of students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. This is achieved by providing financial aid, guiding students to support services, establishing connections with the STEM workforce, and fostering a community of STEM scholars.


  • Provide support services and financial aid to STEM majors and STEM interested students at Mesa College to help them persist and succeed academically
  • Expand the pipeline of students pursuing STEM degrees and career pathways at Mesa College
  • Establish partnerships between STEM workforce and Mesa College


13 Stipend recipients are awarded $5,000 for completing tasks in the following 5 areas:



Experiential Learning

Mentorship & Volunteerism

STEM Opportunities

13 Stipend recipients and 35 Field Trip recipients are awarded free off-campus STEM related field trips with meals included.


STEM Interest List

Interested in learning more about upcoming STEM Events and Opportunities?