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  • "ED Issues HEERF III Guidance, All Grants Now Include DACA, Undocumented, and International Students" Click here for the full article.
  • "U.S. Department of Education Makes Available $36 Billion in American Rescue Plan Funds to Support Students and Institutions" Click here for the full article. 

CSUSB LEAD (Latino Education & Advocacy Days)

The LEAD Organization serves as a primary site for a set of innovative and productive programs, publications and events in Latinos and Education. These projects involve significant participation of faculty, students and administrators, as well as partnerships in the region and nationally, and strong interactive connections with Latino networks in the U.S., as well as Latin Americans and Indigenous Peoples throughout the Americas and the world, many whom are already in contact with LEAD personnel and the university. To learn more about CSUSB LEAD click here

A Report on the State of Undocumented Students in California’s Public Universities

Click here to learn more about the LEAD Butterfly Project

CCCOLEGAS (California community colleges Organización de Latinx empowerment, guidance, advocacy for success)

COLEGAS is comprised of Latinx professionals who, through intentional advocacy and coalition building, lead and influence transformative systemic change within the California Community College system. We seek to foster and empower Latinx professionals through mentorship, networking, and professional development to ascend and assume leadership roles at the highest influential levels to eradicate systems of oppression to provide opportunities and close the equity gap for Latinx students in higher education. To learn more about CCCOLEGAS click here.